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I'm a dancer, writer, and scientist. I love finding out how exactly things work and I love the ideas of other
possible cosmos and universes. I have an unhealthy obsession with British telly. On occasion, when school isn't killing me, I paint and cosplay and write and do other awesome stuff. I'm way too pale to live healthfully in southern California, but I'm stuck here.
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People are bullying, lying, thieving douchebags who send Christmas cards.

They’re also cock guzzling thundercunts, douchecanoes, and whore-earfucking to get brain damage-bitches.

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Its funny how you can disappear unwillingly because no one cares anymore. They can lie and you love them, but then the moment you’re inconvenient, you don’t matter.

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wow new layout sucks.

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some people are horrible horrible people. I can’t believe I waste time.

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I remember how batshit crazy some people are.

I’m not on tumblr much anymore, but I have better things.

I’m applying to the schools of my dreams and have lived my dreams.

I’ve yelled over beautiful mountains in Italy and drank cappucinos and wrote in a cafe in Paris.

Fuck. Parisian guys were hitting on me and I convinced them that I was European.

I partied on Bastille Day,

Did urban exploration of Oxford.

I’m now a scientist and mathematician at a school where I’m noticed.

Sometimes life is still shit, but it’s better and that’s all I can ask for.

So I’m glad I moved, and now I’m on reddit and instagram where I seem to matter.

I miss some of you, but I’m sorry, if you’re from my real life, I used to miss three of you and now I maybe miss one.

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On July 15th:

“Have you seen my glasses?”

“Harry wore glasses!” →


“Do you want something to eat?”

“Ron loved to eat!” 


“I read it in this book and…”

“Hermione used to read books!” →


“How is school going?”

“It burned down!” →


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It’s soooo hoooot in germany right now!
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these fake ass diaries that were SO WELL WRITTEN that your 10-year-old self was about a million percent convinced that someone’s ratty ass diary survived the sinking of the Titanic and became a national best seller 


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